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Using iTunes 8.01 for Windows

This happens not every time, but pretty regularly -- when I'm browsing the iTunes store, the images will stop displaying, even the fonts and page formatting will be gone and it'll just look like a bunch of default font, ugly text with a lot of image frames w/ "?" inside them. I can't even click where the buttons would be, to add songs to my shopping cart.

Then when I go back to my music in iTunes, response time is slooooooooow and almost none of my artwork shows up anymore. Sometimes the program stops responding to any input at all (I just get that windows "donk" sound whenever I try to click anything in the window, including the X button).

iTunes for Windows has always been mega-buggy for me (it likes to randomly quit a lot), but this has been one of my more chronic issues. Any advice?

Dell Latitude D630, Windows XP