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Preston Lucas Level 1 (10 points)
When i plug in my ipod to my computer, it says "USB Device not Recognized". Can anyone help me?? I would really appreciate the help!!!
  • btabz Level 7 (26,635 points)
    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    Try resetting it while it is connected to the computer...

    Also, does the iPod show Do Not Disconnect on the screen?

    Finally, read through this...

  • Preston Lucas Level 1 (10 points)
    yes it does show the do not disconnect sign on the screen. but it doesn't do anything...let me try the other things though. Thanks
  • Preston Lucas Level 1 (10 points)
    Ok those steps didn't work....if u have any other information, i would love to have it. Thanks anyway...Preston
  • Mitch 751 Level 6 (11,525 points)
    Try this and it works in my case.
    1.Put your iPod in diskmode
    2.Plug your iPod with your computer
    3.Your computer may not recognize your iPod, but try few attempts until your iPod showing "Do not disconnect"
    4.Then force unplug (not EJECT - just force unplug it and I know it is not a proper way, but which may let your computer to recongnize your iPod) your iPod from the computer and replug again for few times, until your computer showing an iPod icon on the desktop - amazing it did in my case
    5. Reformat your iPod by using Disk Utility
    6. Reinstall the latest iPod update software
    Bear in mind that you will loss all your songs in your iPod so make sure you backup your songs
    By the way are you connect your iPod with XP or Mac? I have experience that the XP's formatted iPod got recognize in Mac machine and vice versa, then you can format the iPod before your reinstall your prefer iPod update PC or Mac
  • Preston Lucas Level 1 (10 points)
    how do you put your ipod into diskmode? and also what is the Disk Utility, can i download that from a website??

  • Mac Geek Level 2 (325 points)
    Hey Mitch,

    I was going to do that exact same thing for my friends iPod. He's from Germany and he knows nothing about it. Should I reformat it to Mac and then have him switch it over to his XP? I get the File sign on it, and I need to totally reformat. You thing thats a good idea? Thanks

  • Mitch 751 Level 6 (11,525 points)
    Hello Prestion,
    Press "Select"+"play/Pause" keys will put your iPod in Disk Mode after you reset your iPod.
    Disk utility comes with MAC OS and cant download.
    I believe your iPod is formatted in PC, so, it is very likely that it got recognized when you plug it with a Mac computer (Please beleive me - it works all the time), Mac will treat it as an external HD, and Mac can format it in FAT32 (MS DOS), once completed, you plug it with your PC, and it should be able to mounted, then open the iPod updater and do a Restore. I managed to fix this problem (iPod isn't recognized) many times, a PC iPod fixed with a Mac or vince verse.
  • Mitch 751 Level 6 (11,525 points)
    Hello Mac,
    When your friend's iPod (PC version) plug with your Mac, your Mac will treat it as an external HD (do remember to put the iPod in Disk Mode), then open the Disk Utility, do a Erase "= format" in MS DOS format (=FAT32). Once completed, replug it with your PC, your PC will then able to recognize it, open the iPod updater and do a Restore.
  • Mac Geek Level 2 (325 points)
    Yeah I use my old iPod as an external hard drive because it is the absolute most portable one that I know of, and I didn't pay extra! I know about what you said before but the big problem is that it won't show up on my iPod. I live in a dorm and I help/fix many peoples iPods. I'm not quite sure what is wrong yet, cause I haven't had much time to look at it. But if you got any other suggestions, If it was the actual hard drive, it wouldn't show up like that right? This has never happned like this before. Thanks

  • Mitch 751 Level 6 (11,525 points)
    Hello Jon,
    Seems that your iPod could be damage, however, it will do you no harm by doing this .. please read - interesting but I believe it ..
    http://www.mac.com/WebObjects/Webmail.woa/245/wo/5a4hWrzDLj0SsGaLsnIPCM/ .
  • Preston Lucas Level 1 (10 points)
    when i try to use disk utility to erase it gets almost completed and then it gives an Error 20 message. Do you have any ideas for that???