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My remote works. Front Row and Plex respond to the remote just fine. This isn't a problem with the iMac not being able to sense the remote.

However, it won't pair. It claimed it was paired with this remote before, but it was activating a laptop across the room. I realize now that I should have just turned off the remote reception on that laptop, but instead I decided to unpair and re-pair the remote to the iMac. I disabled the pairing, and now it won't pair itself again. I've tried the instructions several times to no avail. Is there anything that I should be resetting specifically?

20" iMac Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Try unpairing it again. It may not really be unpaired.
    I did not find any preference file for the remote. It's probably buried in the Security .plist.

    And yes, pairing a remote makes the computer respond only to that remote, but the remote can still work on any other Mac with an IR input. The pairing is only on the computer side.
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    Did you re-enable pairing?
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    Pairing and unpairing is not really done through the security pane. Pushing the Pair or Unpair button merely gives one the instructions on which buttons to press on the remote.
    When done successfully, the security button will toggle to indicate the current state of the computer, but other than that, the button does nothing. Basically pairing/unpairing is all in the wrists, so to speak. The computer is a passive instrument in this operation. The remote tells the computer what to do.

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    Please do not threadjack. It is rude and leads to confusion. This thread is for ANSWERING the OP's question, not for introducing an entirely new problem which does not even belong in this forum.
    You are asking a hardware question that has nothing to do with Leopard.
    Also your profile does not even show what hardware or OS you are running.

    Please update your profile and ask your question in the proper forum and not on someone else's thread.

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    Thank you, I hope I can find people who can help with my question.


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    I thought I would let everyone know, for anyone who can not get the remote to pair. You have to be signed in as an administrator to do the pairing.