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How do I clean the iPhone camera lens without rubbing off the coating? I unintentionally touch the lens with my fingers a lot and it always needs cleaning. I discovered this when the quality of the photos began to degrade.

Any thoughts?

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    Use any lens cleaner like you would on a pair of glasses. You can use a cotton swap (Q-tip) to access the recessed lens cover, but be gentle.
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    Thank you. I will look into this answer.

    Questions: How did you discover this? Was it by personal trial, or did you glean this info from somewhere else? Have you cleaned your lens like this before?

    Confession: I really fogged up my lens. I must have had like mayonnaise on my fingers or something. And then to clean it, I lightly rubbed it with a soft cloth, because the manual said to clean the iPhone only with water and a soft cloth.