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Ok so now that I've had a random screen incident which I THINK might be my 8600M, is there any software I can get where I can stress test my 8600M? Like a benchmark or some sort of Apple tool? (besides the diagnostic ones... the short one said nothing was wrong, and the extended version like froze on me.. not cool)

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    If you purchase Apple Care Protection (APP) as well as 2 extra years extra peace of mind from hardware failure you would get the complimentary diagnostic TechTool Deluxe, though Micromat do have a paid pro version (TTP).

    Anyway, Nvidia 8600M GT series is covered by exceptional circumstances and failure is covered by Apple for two years beyond the original warranty, though obviously this is covering graphics processor issues, as described in below:


    symptoms are distorted/no video on the laptop.