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    I don't use Safari anymore.
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    After multiple calls to applecare, and multiple "fixes" on this and other forums, as well as a total erase and clean install of snow leopard the issue persisted. Although, with snow leopard browser does not crash, but flash player will close and not work.
    Finally, called applecare back to complain I had a hardware problem. This time the rep suggested I change the name of the internal hard drive which was still the default "Macintosh HD" to something else and the problem was solved. He could not understand why predecessors had not suggested that. Nor could I ...after many hours on this issue.
  • deadlyhifi Level 1 (5 points)
    I have tried renaming the HD which has improved the situation somewhat but there are still inconstancies in the way it behaves.

    I am loading a .swf file full page which is called through a PHP page using fopen().

    The first time the file opens correctly. Second time the content (images, other flash components) fails to load, or it crashes as before.
  • deadlyhifi Level 1 (5 points)
    Setting Safari to run in 32bit mode appears to solve the problem. Perhaps Flash is running in 32bit and causing a conflict with 64bit Safari?

    To do it right click on the Safari icon in your Applications folder. Choose "Get Info" and tick the run in 32bit box.

    Don't forget to change it back when Adobe/Apple get round to fixing the issue.
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