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I have an issue where messages were being delayed for hours and in some cases days. for a while I thought it must just be crappy AT&T service, but by chance I figured out that if I restarted my iPhone that all my messages would go out, and people would almost instantly get them. So now I have this crazy routine of restarting my phone after sending important texts, this works but is annoying. has anyone else has similar issues ?

MBP, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Your phone's just not talking to the network; or the network's not talking to IT. I've had that trouble twice. One time I called AT&T and the reset some things on my account AND told there was a new tower being built near me, so my phone was getting confused as to what it should connect to because with it in construction, it was just on intermittently. The second time it was a regional thing; a large number of people in the Charlotte-metro area were having the same problem and although AT&T never acknowledged it a sales rep did and it resolved within a couple of weeks.

    Personally, I'd call AT&T and ask if there's any known issues in your area and maybe ask them to check your settings and reset anything that looks odd. They may fix the problem right then, or you may continue to have the problem anyway but at least they'll know something's not right and have that on record. If you're still having the problem after 2 or 3 weeks, it may be time to swap out the phone.

    Hope that helps. :-/