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I've been searching for a few days now for new themes or templates for iWeb 08. After much search I found a site called OSWD, which is a community that offers free themes for websites. I have read that it works for iWeb, but I have yet to figure out how to install them. I downloaded a theme, but there was no installer within the folder. The site does not have instructions on how to install either. It appears aimed at people with experience, not noobs like myself. In any case, if anyone out there knows how to install themes from OSWD to iWeb I would greatly appreciate it.

Here's the link:


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    Anyone out there have a clue? Pretty please?

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    Those are not iWeb themes. They are general layouts that can be used in web design applications like DreamWeaver which use css files in their templates. Those templates include a css file, header and footer graphic. Not for iWeb. However, you could use a blank page and add the header and footer graphics where you want them and go from there.


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    Reality is, iweb = very closed source and oswd = Open Source Web Design (?)
    I doubted that oswd stuff is anything compatible with iweb, you need to find iweb specific templates.

    Anyone whose design iweb themes/templates would know that they will need an installer, because iweb templates have to be placed in the right place and at least one plist file has to be modified for the templates to show up in iweb page picker.
    Making an installer for iweb templates will require Apple's PackageMaker.app
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    I was hoping there was a way. I read on these very forums that they could be used, but they never went into detail how. Im starting a blog and, believe it or not, I found using Wordpress not as easy as they say. Uploading content to iWeb is much easier. I just want to be able to get a theme that I like. I tried customizing a theme in iWeb, but all I did is make a mess out of it. I really am an idiot when it comes to this stuff. I guess I'll keep looking for iWeb themes online. I know everyone brings up 11Mystics or whatever its called. I just havent found a theme I like yet.

    Thanks for the reply guys.
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    Did you ever find anything because I'm having the same problems. It is hard to find a template you can use when you to specific colors and graphics.