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I have two hard drives in my PC. A C drive and a D drive as back up. Is there a way to have iTunes only pull from one of those? It is currently looking at both drives, so there are duplicates for every song on my computer. I have about 8,000 songs on my PC, and there are 16,000 in iTunes!

Can I just tell it where to look?


Dell, Windows XP
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    You can go under preferences in the top of the apple menu and go to advanced. There you can choose where you want itunes to put your music. I'm having similar issues where sometimes it can find my music and sometimes it cant. The best way I have found to delete duplicates is to delete both of the duplicate groups and than go to "add to library" and find it in my drive I want it to choose from. That way i don't even mess with my backup files. its a pain but its better than highlighting and deleting individually. good luck.