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My when I plug my iPhone 3G(2.1) into my very old AGP G4 Tower ([snooze]400MHz) it has no problem connecting to iPhoto but is not connecting to iTunes (8.0.1). I get error message every time:

"iTunes could not connect to the iPhone "" because an umknown error occured (0xE8000001)."

I've added a USB2 PCI card thinking it was USB1 issue but it still doesn't connect to iTunes. I have no issues with my iPhone connecting to iTunes on a Powerbook and a MacBook Pro but unfortunately all my music is on the old G4 Tower. What's the issue here? Will the iPhones not sync with iTunes on older/slower machines? Will it only recognize when plugged into Apple USB2 ports? It's very frustrating, any help would be appreciated.


PowerMac3,1, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 400MHz 1.2GB Memory