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Hey Guys,

So i re-encoountered and older problem i forgot about. Gmail is odd in the sense that it stores everything to all mail, even after it is deleted. But i also notice that when you delete stuff from your inbox in apple mail it doesn't go to the trash folder in gmail, only on apple mail it does. Anyone know how to get the same experience across both. I want to be able to FULLY manage my e-mail from apple mail since i use it on my iPhone too. I want to be able to actually delete e-mails from Apple Mail without having to go clean up my gmail account from the website after. Thanks for any help guys.

iMac 20", Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    I really would like to have an answer to this myself... someone?
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    If you are using POP:

    Check out this help section from google:

    It says:
    Deleting messages in Gmail after POP downloads
    To delete messages accessed with POP:
    Sign in to Gmail.
    Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page, and open the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
    Select delete Gmail's copy from the drop-down menu in the POP Download section.
    Click Save Changes.

    If you are using IMAP with google, then it should be working. I tested it on my iPhone and Gmail and it seemed to work for me. (I may have misunderstood your issue. )
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    I have the same problem, and I've been scouring the forums this morning to try and figure out the answer. I'm guessing you mean that you're using the mail application on your computer. Are you using IMAP or POP? I'm using IMAP and I have this problem. I delete them in every way, shape and form from Mail on my mac, yet they still appear on my "all mail" folder in Gmail. I noticed this recently and went through and cleaned up the mailbox. Went from 1500 to 350 emails. It had been doing this since I set it up in the summer.

    For some reason, with an IMAP, Gmail just wants to keep every single message, even deleted ones.

    I've tried a little to remedy this:
    My mailbox behaviors were set to store deleted messages on the server, which I unchecked. It's also set to delete messages after they're a week old. It hasn't been a week since I've edited these options, so I guess I'll get back with a definitive answer after a week, but something tells me.....

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    I think I know what's going on. I'll try to be concise and understandable, but it's never a guarantee with me XD.

    First, I think it's pertinent to mention that in Gmail, when actually logged onto their website, when a message is deleted it moves to the Trash heading or..er..I'm not sure what it's actually called. If you look to the left, where there's the tool bar reading from the top down "Inbox, Starred, Chats, etc.", there is one labeled Trash, thats what I'm talking about. This is where all the mail goes if you delete when logged into Gmail. This is NOT where the trash is sent when I delete the e-mails on the mail program on my Mac. They're merely placed in that other trash bin looking thing, which I'm guessing doesn't correspond with Gmail's actual trash folder, as this problem is occurring.

    Now, messages in the Gmail Trash Bin are automatically deleted after 30 days, however through the IMAP with the Mail app, they aren't put in THIS trash bin, they're merely labeled as trash in Gmail. Hence why they stick around forever, like any other e-mail not labeled for the trash.

    So, I propose a few solutions:
    1. Instead of deleting mail in the Mail program using the delete key, just move it to the corresponding trash mailbox (This appears, for me, under the actual account folders. There's a white folder reading "[Gmail]" which, when one expands, one finds "All Mail, Drafts, Sent Mail...etc" corresponding directly with the folders or whatever they're called on the Gmail server.
    2. Finding some way to put messages in this proper Gmail "trash" folder when they're marked as deleted.
    3. On the Gmail server, setting up a rule that puts these messages marked by the Mail program as "trash" into the proper Gmail server trash folder.

    I hope that's not too wordy. I'm not good with technical jargon crap.
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    a quick google search will tell you exactly what to do.

    you need to set all of your [Gmail] folders as local usage. I'll post the link, it does a better job of explaining than I ever will