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I have had a 4th Gen Ipod for a while now and I used it mostly in the car with my car stereo, which is a touch screen MyGIG stereo in my Jeep. The stereo has an Ipod interface cable in the glove box. Everything worked great, and the car stereo had a useful feature of allowing me to search for music using a touch screen keyboard.
I know that the internals of an Ipod is a SQL database so I am assuming that the car stereo performed a query on the Ipod when performing searches via the on-screen touch keyboard.
I have now upgraded to a 160GB Classic Ipod (6th gen?), and everything works but that search feature. It appears as if the car stereo attempts to query but fails and never returns results. The funny thing is if I query for podcasts the search feature works....
I think there must be some internal SQL syntax mishap happening in the background between my car stereo interface and the Classic Ipod.

Hopefully I explained this well, I do have a phd in computer science and can help anyone in development if they want a further explanation. It is a royal pain especially since I am soon approaching 100GB of music and I cant perform search queries....

Mendel-Made, Windows Vista, Chrystler MyGIG Car Stereo -> Classic Ipod via Ipod Interface