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Besides cutting costs is there a logical reason behind a cord so short that I cannot set the phone on my desk which is directly next to the wall outlet.

Is there another option so I may use my iPhone at my desk or standing up while it is charging?


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  • neuroanatomist Level 7 Level 7 (31,690 points)
    I find the length convenient, personally. You can always use a USB extension cord, like this 10 foot cable from Amazon.
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    I can see the USB end of that cord working in the power plug, but the other end sure is not going to work with the iPhone end that plugs into the bottom of the iPhone.

    Your desk must be very low and your outlet must be very high in the wall to be comfortable with the supplied cord. I cannot sit at my desk which is 10 " from the wall and sit in my chair and hold the phone to my ear without sliding my chair closer to the wall and leaning towards the wall. I've already pulled the phone out of my hands once.

  • Bryan Mick Level 6 Level 6 (13,020 points)
    You would plug your current cord into the extention - the extention wouldn't connect directly to the phone.

    Wall > Extention > iPhone cable > iPhone

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    As I stated above, it's an EXTENSION cord, not a longer dock cable (there is no longer dock cable available). You connect the male end of the USB extension cord to the AC adapter, and connect the male end of your 3' dock cable to the female end of the USB extension cord.

    Or, just get an AC extension cord. Or a powered USB hub for your desk. Or, just unplug the iPhone - it has a battery. Or, use a Bluetooth headset (which is what I do) - then you can get up and walk around.

    So many options...
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    It is probably that length because a major use of the cord is to plug it into the USB port of your computer and then into the iphone. A long cord would be a royal pain.
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    Got it.....sorry. I was thinking that longer cord would replace the existing iPhone cord. I clearly understand now. Thanks.