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Thank you for indulging this perhaps ignorant seeming question.
I want to buy a wireless router for my household which contains a 12" PB 1GHZ processor running os x 10.4, and a 15" PB 1.67 GHZ running os x 10.3.9. Both are equipped with airport extreme. Given the hardware and software for these two computers are there any wireless type (n,g,b...) routers that won't be compatible?


15" G4 1.67 with 10.3, 12" 1.0 with 10.4.11, Airport Extreme
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    To the best of my knowledge, all home wireless routers should work. If N, they should all be backward compatible for G and B; if G, backward compatible with B. Very few people at home use A. Airport Extreme cards are G/B.

    Many routers can be set to run only one type (N,G,B), and the ease of configuring routers varies widely. Many are not Mac friendly to set up, using unfamiliar terminology and arcane ways of setting common settings, especially security. It helps to know what you are doing in these cases. The Apple routers are relatively easy to set up, but tend to be more expensive.