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I just moved to a new MacBook Pro, uploaded all my Apps from my iPhone to the new computer (after Authorizing it through iTunes), and now the "Updates" function does not work on either iTunes or the iPhone. I have no trouble connecting to the App Store from any of the other tabs on the phone -- Featured, Categories, Top 25, and Search -- but Updates just says "Loading..." for a while, and then I get a window that says "Cannot Connect to iTunes Store". I trying resetting the iPhone, and resetting the network settings on the phone, but it still can't connect for Updates.

In iTunes on the new computer, I have it set to sync selected apps with my iPhone. When I first applied that, it warned me that all my Apps would be overwritten, since I had been synching with a different computer before. I expected that, and thought everything would be ok after the first Sync.

What else should I try?


MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone 3G 2.2, nano, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Is this just happening today, or did you try before today? If just today, try waiting. With the release of iPhone OS v2.2, it seems there are issues accessing the App Updates (those are on a separate server from the main Store). Multiple users (myself included) are experiencing this. It's not an iPhone issue, it's an Apple server issue - updates cannot be accessed via iTunes on the computer either, or if so, access is very slow.
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    Yes, this just started last night. I just happened to be trying my first Updates with the new computer after I upgraded my phone to 2.2. I had never done App Updates on the new computer before.

    If it's an OS problem, I hope they get it fixed soon.

    Thanks for your help.
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    It's not an OS problem - it's a bandwidth problem. Too many people downloading a ~246 MB update. Be patient, try again tomorrow to update your apps.

    You see a 'cannot connect to store' error because the 'store' (that part that delivers the updates) is overloaded with requests for the iPhone OS update. If it was an access problem, you'd get that message immediately, not after some long period of "Loading..."

    It's also possible that Apple simply cut off access to app updates temporarily - when they released v2.1, many users were unable to download that because of bandwidth issues, so this may be a conscious effort to reduce some traffic.
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    This Started happening to me yesterday, before any updates were available. Still does not update in iTunes or on a iPhone after the 2.2 update.

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    Ok, I understand.

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    That may well be the case as im getting this when i use the remote app store om the updated 2.2 iphone 3g. It can browse and search , downlaod etc fine but the updates tab just sits there and eventually times out with the "cannot conect to itunes store" error. The error doesnt appear on itunes on my pc but it wont find any or times out with the message stating ti cant find any updates.

    Guess we all just have to wait for people to get the update then things will get back to normal.
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    Im having the same problem along the week. Its impossible for me update the apps through iPhone or through iTunes.
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    Too bad Apple support doesn't seem to realize this. A Level 1 support person just told me to reinstall the OS.
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    Finally I got the updates. It took a while until iTunes can download the updates.
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    just tried mine again ( phone ) and its still not letting me know that no updates are available ( i know theyre fine ) and when i select the updates tab in the app store taskbar it still says updating and then just times out . At time of poisting its been loading for over 2 minutes
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    Mine still won't let me connect to update either
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    Will leave it till tomorrow. I dont need to update anything but the o.c.d part of me wants it to work properly., lol .Like neuroatomist says it'll be down because everyones updating the phones and apple will be prioritising them.

    It'll be reet
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    That makes sense to me, I've been having this problem since yesterday and I did notice the connection slowness. I will be patient and try again tomorrow!