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kozb Level 1 (0 points)
Yesterday, I went all day (12 hours that is) without recharging. Last night I upgraded to 2.2. Today, after being off the charger for 4 hours, it is down to 20%. Anyone else seeing a decrease in battery life since going to 2.2?

IPhone 3G, Other OS
  • modular747 Level 6 (18,730 points)
  • Twaites Level 1 (0 points)
    Yeah, I've noticed a total decrease in battery life. I had to keep a charger handy all day today, seems like it has cut my battery life by like 30%
  • vahan1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm experiencing the same issue. Phone stays warm too...

    If not a lot of people experiencing this, I guess I'll have to restore/start fresh and see what happens. Hate doing that..

  • archivist08 Level 1 (10 points)
    Yes, happens with both iPhones we have after 2.2 upgrade. When we went to bed, iPhones were fully charged, and in the morning, 10% of the battery was left.

    Phone 1: 3G, mobile me calendar sync, 4 gmail accounts on 1h fetch.
    Phone 2. 3G, mobile me calendar sync, 1 gmail account on 1h fetch.
  • icebike Level 3 (740 points)
    Phone 1: 3G, mobile me calendar sync, 4 gmail accounts on 1h fetch.
    Phone 2. 3G, mobile me calendar sync, 1 gmail account on 1h fetch.

    That's a lot of syncing, and now that Fetch is working properly, you will see those accounts trying to sync more frequently than they did under 2.1.

    If sync gets hung up for any reason, it will retry endlessly, keeping the radios on all night. Several people report problems with Exchange servers getting into this state, and I suppose its possible with Mobile Me (its had a pretty checkered past).

    I rather suspect it might be your Gmail accounts, since they use Fetch, and Fetch was the big fix in 2.2, it just didn't work before.

    But turn the phones all the way off to see if its just a problem caused by the update itself.
  • Andrew T. Level 4 (3,210 points)
    I know you state this occurred after 2.2 update.

    But if you have not done so check out the Battery tips page, and use any tips that may assist with longer battery life.

    Example: If you have no 3G in the area you can turn off 3G on the iPhone and increase battery life

    If you do not mind checking email manually, you can set Fetch Data to Manual check everything. Thus allowing better battery life. Cater it to your actual needs and usage

    Make sure when you are ready to take iPhone off the charger, that there is a socket plug inside the battery on top right hand corner of iphone

    You may also want to try a basic reboot of the iphone and then full charge and test, ensure the PC/Mac does not go into sleep mode if you use it to charge, as this does power down the USB ports in most cases.

    If needed as a last option you can restore iPhone.

    Backing Up, updating, and restoring your iPhone and iPod touch software

    iPhone and iPod touch: Minimum system requirements
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    yeah i've noticed the same thing on the drain. I woke at 8am took it off the charger sent a couple txt played with a few apps and 10 hrs later less then 20%. On 2.1 I could go all day and do a **** of alot more. Is there away to go back to 2.1 ?
  • icebike Level 3 (740 points)
    Is there away to go back to 2.1 ?

    However, why not just turn off fetch if you are using it? The biggest battery related thing I can see about this update is that fetch works now, where it didn't before.

    So turn that off as a test to see if your prior battery runtimes return.
    You could also drop to Edge (especially at night, since you don't care how fast the mail arrives while you are asleep, and the edge radio takes less battery than the 3G radio.

    Sadly, I predicted this rash of battery problems prior to 2.2 being released due solely to the fact that Fetch was solved, which keeps the phone radios awake more than 2.1 did, using more power. Somehow this obvious statement of fact was pounced upon by the mods and deleted.
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    Ok, so it looks like my issue is gone, although not sure what exactly fixed it.

    Restored Phone and Backup on iTunes 8.2 (vs 8.1 before)
    Deleted an Exchange account that wasn't working

    now it seems to be fine. Could've been the bad mail account...

  • Perry Gershon Level 1 (55 points)
    Same problems here. I have one account and one exchange account - both set to push. Power drain after about 6 hours. This is not good for a mobile device. Blackberry went days without recharge. Apple really ought to get you 12 hours or more without phone use.

    Definitely a 2.2 issue, though phone did not fetch at all in 2.1
  • icebike Level 3 (740 points)
    Ok, so with two accounts, you have the perfect test bed. Set one or the other to Manual, and see if it improves.
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    This is happening for me as well. I have no FETCH accounts, and one Exchange account using ActiveSync. If I simply leave the phone on after a full charge, it takes about 4 hours to drain down completely. If I use it at all, it takes about 3. Prior to 2.2, I could often go 2 full days. Nothing else has changed except the update to 2.2.

    This is an original iPhone, not a 3G.
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    As with the other poster here, this is probably a problem with your Exchange account. Check with your IT staff about deleting and restoring the account, or try that on your iPhone.
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    Same thing happened with me, the battery life has become much shorter, wihtout any extra wi-fi or 3G usage, even less than usual.

    If anyone is suffering the same, please advise.

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