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does anyone know why i can pick up wireless connections on my computer but NOT on my ipod touch?


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    This is an often reported problem. The fact remains, that for whatever reason, the Touch doesn't seem to have the range that lets say a MacBook has. I am sitting in my office now with a powerful finger to my Macbook, but unable to connect to the wireless router with my Ipod Touch.
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    Probably just the smaller antenna on the WiFi giving a lower gain and so lower signal level.



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    Thats probably it--although I purchased a more powerful antenna for my router and it really didn't make a difference.
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    thanks guys...does it make a difference that im not talking about MY internet connection? like when i click on internet connections on my computer it shows my network (which isnt wireless) and it also shows other networks that are wireless that my ipod doesnt show
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    Hello, if you have not done so yet try out the troubleshooting article below. Also move around the house or property and see if Touch is able to pickup signals easier.

    The only WiFi network we can assist connecting you too though would be your home WiFi network, or a known free WiFi hotspot. Not much we can do to connect you to a neighbors network unless you have their express permission to connect to it.

    Unable to use Wi-Fi with iPhone or iPod touch because there's no Wi-Fi address listed for the device

    iPod touch and iPhone: Tips when using Wi-Fi
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    I've fared pretty well with the Wi-Fi on my Touch 2G. I'm connecting via WPA2 to my Netopia 3347-02 router. From all the reading I've done here lately, it seems to be issues with not only the Touch, but with various routers. I've got the latest firmware on my router, and before the update to the 2.2 software yesterday, have had no connection issues around my home (still have no issues, and the connection even seems somewhat faster).

    I've been in the basement, and even outside in my driveway and I've had a connection. I've got the router mounted halfway up a room wall, with the antenna sticking straight up.
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    Thank you for the links!

    BTW, I had issues until I allowed the SSID to broadcast from my router. (I'm using a Verizon "Actiontec" FIOS router). Oh, and I made the SSID all lowercase.
    And it appears that other "routers" may be contributing to the issue.

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