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I just plugged my Wacom Cintiq 20WSX into my Air. I have the most up-to-date driver for it, I have the Mini-DVI cable plugged into it. I know the tablet works, I know my Mini-DVI works, however the tablet shows nothing on screen.
WTH? Why doesn’t it work? Does anyone know of a keyboard shortcut in Mac to gather all the windows on a single screen? I think the monitor is out of a range and that is why it is not working, but I can't accsuess the other screen, that, or it is in mirror mode and just not giving me the option to, well you know, see the other monitor, use the other monitor, or basically do anything with it.
What irks me is the fact that I can use the tablet and control the mouse, but the monitor just isn't showing anything. The monitor is a 21", and the mac is 13"... which one would you rather do photo editing on?
Please help as I need this resolved quickly.

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    Same problem here. I use the wacom Cintiq 21ux and its worked perfectly for months. I turned it one morning last week (also about the 22nd) and the screen never came on. Just said Out of sync and Go to sleep! the pen worked on screen as if it was a intuos model - just no display!! ***?? I tried on another mac same model but still nothing! I bought a new mini dvi to dvi cable, nothing!! I sent it back to wacom $100 postage and they tell me it works perfectly on their machines! whats going on here, please help! Was there an upgrade installed at that time on the 22nd?
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    Well, I did install the most recent driver from the Wacom website on my Air, but not my iMac. So many that is the problem, but I sent Wacom an email and they told me everything should be working correctly, and they wanted me to send them the 100$ too, but I said screw that, I am already going to drop that much money for a new piece of glass for the tablet... That doesn't Fing work!

    Jay Es, could you do me a favor, if you can. Try plugging your tablet into another mac in the same manor as you did your old mac, and also try plugin your mac into a different monitor\tv. I know that is asking a lot, but I just want to rule out that there is something else wrong with your set up before I go quoting your problem to Wacom too. I full intend to find as many people as I can that have Macs and Wacom Screen Tablets that don't work, or stopped working, then huras Wacom till they fix it.
    I admit, if you are spending 2,000$+ on the tablet, then decide to buy an Air to do all the work on... well, that is a little lacking, but if I was an upstart artist, I would do that, because the Air is easy enough to carry and to use, I can carry it around as my portfolio and work station, all-in-one.

    By the way, I am still having the same problem, and it is exactly as you described your problem, still, but only on my MacBook Air.
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    Hi TAGVour, I notice that i installed a security update 2008-007 on the same day as the problem started! That may have something to do with it?

    I have tried it on other machines but they are all running the same software and same imac 24" aluminum model (oldest one is 10 months old). They all did nothing. One thing i noticed is that on startup the machines hesitate for about 1 minute before finally starting - when i startup without the cintiq plugged in it doesn't hesitate and loads as normal... its almost as if its trying to establish the connection but fails. I have tried new cables, uninstalling, hardware tests, disc warrior, onyx (every maintenance in it), and googled everything i could think of hoping i may get a snag although i can't find much on the topic!

    If its only a few users we all know that apple & wacom wont do anything about it!

    I am sorry i cant test it anymore at the moment as its still at wacom 10 hours away! They were going to try and run some more test and get back to me hopefully tomorrow! They seem to think its a apple problem. I guess all i can do is get it sent back to me and try more stuff and contact apple about it then?

    Is your glass scratched damaged? I have only had my 21ux 2 months and so far no scratches but i am very scared about getting them! I have looked at screen protectors but wacom say it will void the warrenty and that the sensitivity is not as good (obviously i would rip it off if sending back for repairs!) they said i should buy there anti glare film for $200 (what a rip). but i read that its smooth and takes that natural paper feel away from the screen. I have been using an intuos 3 for about 5 years...the cintiq takes it to a whole new level!!!