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I've had my 120 gb ATV for a year and a few months, and have recently (as of last week) encounted a major problem. After working flawlessly for months, starting sometime last week, I can no longer stream video content from my MacPro to my Apple TV. Furhermore, I can't seem to get any video content to sync to the unit either.

I should clarify - video content that is in my iTunes library appears on the ATV, and will sync and stream EVENTUALLY. It's how long it takes that is the problem.

It took nearly four hours to stream a 45 minute episode of The West Wing, which I purchased from the iTunes Store. That is, I had to wait four hours for enough content to make it from my MacPro to the ATV for the program to start. Syncing is even worse - I set it to sync only one season's worth of episode, which would be the only content kept on the ATV (so there is plenty of space on the unit), and after 24 hours, it synced only 2 episodes.

The network isn't an issue. The content is kept on a Drobo, and streamed via an Apple Airport Extreme, Gigabit Ethernet, Draft-N router. Signal strenth is at the highest level. While there are other networks nearby, at the time that I was trying to use the ATV, they were inactive (I checked, using KISMac). I don't have any trouble playing trailers, YouTube videos or streaming music or syncing photos. The trouble is strictly confined to streaming and syncing video content.

I've performed the following troubleshooting efforts:

1 - Rebooted AppleTV
2 - Dropped and readded iTunes library
3 - Reset network connection in ATV
4 - Changed channels on the Airport Extreme
5 - Changed connection to a shared library.
6 - Reset ATV to factory settings and re-updated firmware

In all cases, so long as the ATV is active in iTunes on the MacPro, it sees all of my video content in that library. But it won't play. This is not a case where the ATV won't play content purchased from the iTunes Store - it happens with unprotected content that played just fine earlier in the week.

My MacPro is running the latest version of OS X, and I just updated iTunes in the hope that the new version would fix the problem.

The only thing I haven't done is purchase content directly from the iTunes Store via the ATV, but that won't fix the problem of the content that I want to stream.

Any idea of what I can try next?

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