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I have an older iPhone (8gb) and for some reason whenever I plug it into the usb port on my computer it will not stay connected whatsoever. Itunes freaks out, it'll come up for a little bit and then just as soon as it appeared, 'Josh's iPhone' disappears. When I say "won't stay connected" I mean you'll hear the "new usb device" sound over and over again continuously and the iPhone goes crazy too. Like it's connected, disconnecting, connecting, disconnecting, etc.. The error I get during all this madness is "itunes could not connect iPhone because it received an invalid response from the device."

I've used this ( http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1286 ) link to no avail (yet.) I am about to restart my computer right now. If it works after that I'll just simply delete this post. But anyway it's in a usb 2.0, it's plugged directly into the computer, etc etc

Also I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it but I put ringtones on the phone as well, I tried adding about 5 or 6 of them through itunes and it only uploaded two of them, except one of those two appears FOUR TIMES.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help!

vaio, Windows XP Pro
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    the syncing problem seems to be okay for now.

    But can someone please help me with this:

    I create ringtones which are in .aac format, then upload them to the phone. They are all named different things, they are all different songs, they're different in every way.

    There are four of them. They show up fine in itunes, it shows the four different ringers. But, when I go to them on my phone, it shows four of the same one!
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    Hey jpinkham,

    Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes and iPhone software installed, currently iTunes 8.0.2 & iPhone software 2.2.

    Is your PC a laptop? If it is, make sure the USB ports are not being disabled to save energy.

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    They both needed updated =)
    Hopefully this works, thanks for the help.
    My PC is a desktop by the way
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    Okay, after the updates I am still having the same problem. I'll try explaining it as detailed as possible, hoping somebody has an answer because this is pretty weird to me.

    -I have 5 files, Ringtone1.m4r, Ringtone2.m4r, Ringtone3.m4r, Ringtone4.m4r and Ringtone5.m4r.
    -I add them to the "ringtones" section under "Devices"
    -ON ITUNES they show up perfectly fine. In order, and if I play them through itunes, all the ringtones are correct, just how they should be.
    -I eject iPhone, go to settings > sounds > ringtone, and under custom, what I see is:

    Why on Earth could this be?
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    okay, i found this thread which SEEMS to answer the problem but doesn't:

    This person was having the exact same problem, then they unselected "manually manage music and videos" and it worked. EXCEPT NOW I'm having the problem the last person in that thread is having, which is I cannot upload anything to my phone now.

    No music, no ringtones, no videos, no podcasts, no tv shows, no apps, nothing nothing nothing. I feel like it's ruined. I can't put anything on it!