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I recently bought an ipod touch and was looking at the apps section and saw some really cool free apps that I wanted to download. Tried and it sent me to the create an account page and I filled it all out until it wanted me to put in credit card info, which is my problem. I dont have a credit card.

My question is do I have to have put in credit card information in order to download free stuff or is there another way to make it without it (the gift cards you find in stores)?

Thanks in advance

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  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,827 points)
    Take a look here:


    Read the steps carefully as the order in which you follow them is apparently critical. Note as well that this only applies to the App Store; to the best of my knowledge, you will not be able to get any of the free content in the iTunes Store without entering in some sort of payment method (credit card, prepaid iTunes card, gift certificate, etc.)

    Good luck.

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    There is a problem. Do not listen to the info by the user above, its very misleading.

    There is a clear problem with the registration process. There are many threads already on it. Hopefully the itunes technicians or whoever that job corresponds to, will fix the bug.

    Im frustrated as **** because i bought my iphone a week ago and I still haven't been able to download the apps.
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    This is quite right, when following the steps exactly as described you get to the last part and choose "none" as payment method, fill out the rest of the form and click continue and are given the error that you did not complete the form and must give a valid expiration date and credit card number.