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I want to set up a Mail account using OS 10.5 Mail and don't know how to find my incoming mail server which is required to complete the setup process.

My ISP is Qwest, and my mail is through MSN Hotmail.

Thanks, djcashen

PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.5)
  • Mulder Level 6 (8,980 points)
    You can only send and receive email for MSN Hotmail via Apple Mail if you are a paid Hotmail user ($20 per year), so Qwest has nothing to do with this. If you're not a paying user, it won't work. Same for Yahoo! Mail.

    If you want something that's free, signup for a Gmail account (www.gmail.com), and they have a Help link for setting up Mail to work for POP or IMAP access (http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=13275&topic=12810).

  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,827 points)
    Here's what Qwest says on their Help site:

    If your e-mail ends in @q.com, @hotmail.com, @live.com, or @msn.com:

    Incoming Server: pop3.live.com (SSL enabled, port 995)
    Outgoing Server: smtp.live.com (SSL enabled, requires authentication, port 25)

    Hope that works for you.