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just got my new aluminum macbook 3 days ago...installed my apps and updated to latest software. did NOT install anything that (supposedly) messes up with the system or battery. all i installed was office 08, adiumx, toast, iwork, etc.

i came from an old 1.33ghz ibook which... when i move from office to home and back... i just close the lid without problems. i just noticed on my new macbook that it makes sounds with the lid closed

yesterday in the office (as i was about to put it in my bag with the lid closed) adium was making sounds as if it couldnt connect and kept trying. earlier (with the lid closed again before coming to work).. it was making another sound but the sound was not distinct.

i always JUST closed the lid on my ibook when i move from home to the office and back and had NO problems.

how do i fix this? i dont want to keep shutting down when i move.

macbook aluminum, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
  • linhares Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Mine gets even worse. I first thought it was weird that it kept really hot hours after closing the lid.

    Now, when I close the lid (I don't do it anymore), the little white light stays on forever, and, horrors, the laptop makes, each minute, a clicking sound, alongside a crazy flash on the apple lighted logo.

    I think it's either trying to awake or, like in a james bond movie, this thing is going to explode in 15 seconds.

    Any help VERY appreciated!
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    wow thats bad. is this an isolated case with the new macbooks? never had any problem with my previous 1.2ghz and 1.33ghz ibooks.
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    I just bought my MacBook three days ago and this problem just started happening.

    The first two days I had it, I carried it around in my case without any issues. Just today, I took it to work and when I got there it felt like the MacBook was about to melt. I could hardly touch it. I tried shutting down all my apps then closing it, and it had the same issues, so it doesn't sound like something I installed that's causing the problems.

    I will be shutting down my MacBook before I put it in the case until someone finds a solution.
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    I'm just wondering... how many of you have Adium running when this happens? I just tried it out a few times and it appears as though whenever Adium is running, the MacBook does not go to sleep. Also, when I open up the lid, the screen goes black and it takes a few seconds for the login screen to appear, then when it does, I have to enter my password twice.

    Can anyone confirm this same problem?
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    yes. i have adium running.

    but about the password being entered twice... this happened to me a lot on the tiger ibook i replaced. never noticed it on my new aluminum macbook
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    I have the exact same problem, but it sonly seems to occur when the macbook is low on battery. Otherwise it sleeps just fine.
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    You might try resetting PRAM. That worked for me.
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    had this exact issue today! thought i was the only one

    closed the lid, went to sleep, put in my bag and whilst on the train, opened my bag to get something out and it was extremely hot making clicking sounds! this is dangerous

    i take it nobody's found a fix yet? apple needs to address this fast
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    This happened to me for the fourth time today. It was enough to finally trigger a call to Apple Support, who talked me through some resets, and then told me that I should always be using Shut Down before transporting.

    Huh. Shut Down is incredibly inconvenient, and I've owned a variety of laptops, none of which have ever needed to be shut down before. Something is not right, and I intend to get to the bottom of this, or to receive a satisfactory response from Apple.
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    I am having the same issue with my new macbook. Sometimes it sleeps, but every now and then it will make a clicking noise every 20 seconds and the apple logo flashes.

    I am not using adium, but I am using a new apple bluetooth keyboard. I have not found a solution yet, but am not sure if I should take it back to the apple store yet.
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    It seems as though turning Bluetooth off and shutting down Adium has been working. I don't know which of the two is causing the problem, but I'll just keep shutting down both until Apple releases more information regarding this problem.
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    I don't have Adium and I leave Bluetooth off and I was having the same problem.

    I was thinking it might be Safari, but I shut down the browser the last time and it was still doing it.

    I turned off Airport, too with no change.

    Does anyone else have their Mac connected to a USB mouse or other peripheral? When I first plug my mouse in it makes the same sort of noise as when it wakes up. (Sounds like the DVD drive.)
  • Lance Smith2 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I checked my console and it was saying the wake reason was OHC1. Searching other discussions brought up a similar problem where if you close your book and then remove a USB device (in my case a mouse) this brings on the problem with the machine constantly waking from sleep. If you remove the device and then close the lid the problem doesn't occur. I'll have to test that.
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    Resetting PRAM worked for me as well, at least for now!
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