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I have a great Problem.

Yesterday i downloaded Handbrake 0.9.3 to covert my ts-Files form my HD Recorder tp m4v-Files. Since the new Version, the anamorphic mode was switched from Strict to Loose. The resolution is a bit higher than before.

In teh Handbrake Tech Forum i get this answer: "The reason they're being flagged as HD is probably due to the output size. For 25fps material, anything over 576p is going to be flagged as HD. If you're resizing using loose anamorphic, make sure your frame size doesn't exceed 576p." and from another user a second one: "I blame the americans, I've noticed that PAL resolution DTV transfers are coming up as HD, I guess Apple figure that everything bigger than NTSC 480 is HD".

I think, this means, that Apple TV show File higher then 576 as HD files? But this is not correct. Is this a bug or a feature?

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