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Thomas Halenbeck Level 2 (395 points)
Hello all,
I used to have a .MAC account by the time I created my Apple-ID. Even though I have quit my .MAC account, I could log in to Apple discussion using my .MAC-Email address. I never got it managed to change this to a current email address. But I did not care, as I could work with discussions even though the email address was not valid anymore.
Now I have a MobileMe-Account and I changed MyInfo accordingly to the new me.com mail address (glad this was possible meanwhile). I was expecting that I can use this new address as my new AppleID and log into the discussion. But every time I try to do so, I am treated as a new member.
Is there any way to change my AppleID without loosing my credentials?
Thx for any info on that!

Alu iMac 24" 4GB and some other stuff, Mac OS X (10.5.5)