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My iPod touch 2G 16GB is stuck in a boot loop: I see the apple logo, after a while the screen goes blank, and then the apple logo appears again.

How can I restore it now? Is there a way to do a "safe boot"? Resetting using hold and home for 10+ seconds yields the same result.

As for how I got there: an app complained about being "out of space" yesterday and today, but checking the general information stated some 50 MB of free space. Later today Mail.app couldn't move a mail into the trash, and deleting mails in the trash was not possible, either. So I decided to reboot the iPod, and I'm stuck since.

iMac 20", Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    To put your IPT into recovery mode, hold down the home and sleep button for 20-25 seconds. When the apple logo appears, let go of the sleep button, but keep the home button held down. Connect to computer with your USB cable and fire up iTunes. iTunes should report it's found an iPod in recovery mode and give you the option to restore it.
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    Many thanks for your help! I had to do it in a slightly different order (press hold and down for 20 secs, once the IPT tunrs off, let go of all buttons, then press home and keep it pressed, then connect to USB, keep home pressed until "connect to iTunes" appears), put your post was what put me on the right track!

    Many thanks again!

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    Hi, I got the same problem.
    my ipod classic 80gb got stuck in some sort of loop and does not show in itunes.

    I tried your solution but I'm not sure if I did it right because I do not understand what you mean by "home" and "sleep" buttom?