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I recently purchased a new Canon PIXMA MP620 and connected it via the instructions to my Apple wireless network. I can print fine to it and I can scan to it if I connect via USB. What I am still unable to do is scan over the network. This device is supposedly able to do this and was the primary reason for my choice. Has anyone gotten this to work and if so, any suggestions I could try?

MacBook 13.3", Mac OS X (10.5.5), 20" Cinema Display
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    Contact Canon tech support. Most scanners do not work over networks. If Canon has scanning software for OS X that enables scanning over a network, you will need to ask them what you need to do. This is a problem with the scanner and/or the driver for it, hence the need to resolve the issue with Canon.
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    My HP AIO prints and scans (with supplied HP software) wirelessly from the Mac and peecee notebook. I haven't heard about any wireless scanning ability natively with the Mac.
    Canon's page on your device does not list wireless scanning capability, only wireless printing, be it Mac or peecee.
    Check with Canon to see if they can help.
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    Actually, after spending all of Thanksgiving morning, I finally got it to work. I believe the culprit is there are separate settings for USB scanning vs. network scanning. I think everything was defaulting to scan via USB. Once I go that changed, it worked fine.
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    Will you please explain how you were able to fix the problem? I am having the same problem, but I don't know how to switch my scanner to network scanning.
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    It may be slightly different for your printer, but there is a Canon Network Utility that is used to set up the network scanning. It should be in the computer's Library. Choose Printers>Canon, and keep going deeper until you get to the Utilities folder.
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    I have the same problem and when i open up the network scanner utility there is an exclamation point where the check box would be and the mac address is greyed out.
    I haven't been able to find anything out on this.
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    There are two application required for network scanning. You need the scanner driver, for both USB and network scanning, and the Canon IJ Network Scan utility, to find and communicate with the device for scanning via a network. It sounds like you don't have the scanner driver installed - this is what the exclamation point means.

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    I had this problem too...and after looking here and following the advice/trail..fixed..
    Here's what I did...open the navigator..click on scan photos...you get a box that says open scanner driver and in the upper right is a prefs box...click the prefs and select the name of the printer..mine was just mp620...clicked it and dropped down..selected the network printer...then ok...backs out to point where you can click open scanner driver.. click it =...searches...opens scangear..done!
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    Shaun.... Thanks for this. It's been driving me mad.. All fixed and scanning now!!!

    Thanks again!!!
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    I too have been getting the exclamation mark in the Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector. I tried to use the Navigator instructions but it just brought me back to the same scanner selector screen. I have reinstalled the software twice before and it worked for a while each time but would then get the error 306. But now even after reinstalling the software i can not get past this scanner selector screen. Please help!
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    A breakthrough I found that I would get a communication error (306) if my wife's iPod Touch was on (in fact it was also plugged in via usb). I have a netgear router (WGT624 v3) the iPod Touch is version 1. After turning off the iPod the communication error was gone. Also I was now able to use the Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector without getting the exclamation warning. I also was now able to add the printer in the system preferences for printers. Not sure why the two wifi devices would create this communications error. I also have my wii connected to the router but i did not have to turn it off to have the printer communication error disappear. I hope this information is going to be helpful to others.
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    I too had this problem and tried everything. I finally turned off the 10.5 firewall (System Preferences -> Security -> Firewall -> Allow all incoming connections) which solved the problem. (I had set access to "Allow" for all the various Canon apps, BTW)

    Of course, keeping the firewall off is not a permanent solution, but if you've tried everything else, it's worth a go.
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    Hi Shaun

    I had the same problem (MP Navigator EX failing to find the scanner driver).
    Your solution (selecting the Network printer in Preferences) worked like a charm.
    Thank you!