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I'd like to burn a big playlist to a 8 GB memory stick. From CDs I own, not purchased from itunes store.

Can I do this? The only option in the menu is to burn to CD, so I end up having to use a stack of CDs.

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    That requires copying, not burning. If the files are on already on your hard drive, just drag them to the memory stick. If there are a bunch, wait for them to finish copying, and then you can take the memory stick on its way to the next destination!
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    The reason I want to "burn" is that I can create a playlist from my library, then hopefully copy just those songs to a single memory stick. I guess I can sort through the songs in the Finder directories - iTunes is just easier.
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    You don't need to find the songs in Finder. Just drag them from iTunes to the stick. (If you want, you can first drag one song from an iTunes playlist to an open folder so you can see how it works.)