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I'm using the current iTunes 8.0.2 and playback is at a very low volume. This problem occurs during playback using internal speakers as well as Airtunes. I've checked in Finder, Garageband, Safari and all other applications are playing back at normal volume.

Output volume is set correctly in System Preferences. Soundcheck, Sound Enhancer and Crossfade are all off. Equalizer preamp setting is set at 0 decibels and when I turn it all the way up (which should technically distort the volume) it's still too quiet, in fact, the volume change is barely noticeable. Obviously I've shut down, restarted the Mac and all applications to no avail.

Has anyone else had this issue with the latest update? Is reinstallation the only hope?

Intel iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Ok so I uninstalled iTunes, which almost resulted in my entire library being deleted (rescued my 150GB of music from the trash bin.) I reinstalled the dreaded iTunes 8 which resolved the audio issue, though many of my songs had to be manually imported for some reason.

    I seriously hope Apple is more careful with their future updates. I used to believe iTunes was pretty reliable, but now I don't trust it at all. I sure won't be using the iTunes Store any time soon. I don't want to pay for files that may be deleted by glitchy software.
  • Fredrrr Level 2 (150 points)
    Going through the same thing right now. For some reason my iTunes volume just fell way off. Haven't' uninstalled iTunes yet.
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    Do you remember what you were doing when the volume dropped? The only other application I was running was Safari. It would be nice to know how to prevent it from happening again since it's such a pain to fix. Good luck.
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    LOL Amazing...I forgot that iTunes and the computer have separate volume controls. Keyboard operates the main volume (not iTunes). ITunes volume is the slider on the top left of the iTunes screen.

    Not sure what reset it but it is working fine...(now if I could just get rid of my 150000 error on airport express