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fryba Level 1 Level 1
i have a iPhone 3G 16GB

i've bought and downloaded applications from the App Store. while downloading and installing the application the grey icon (with progress indication) does appear. once installing is finished no icon to launch it appears. in the App Store it indicates aswell that the application has been installed (cant buy and download it again).

then i have uninstalled the applications by syncronizing with iTunes and choosing the option to remove these installed applications. the apps seemed to be removed because i could download and install them again from my iPhone but with no success (no icon appeared). i have also tried to download the apps with the iTunes Store on the computer and sync then with the iPhone, which also seemed to install the apps on the iPhone but without icons.
i have tried to install the apps after rebooting and even after restoring the iPhone.. but without success.

i feel like i have tried everything but it just doest work.
do you have an idea what i could do to make these apps work?

IBM Thinkpad T60p, Windows Vista
  • I love my macbook!!!! Level 4 Level 4
    Do you have all the latest software updates?
  • Michael Fleming1 Level 1 Level 1
    Disappearing application icons are occurring on my iPhone too, after updating to latest firmware 2.2. Since updating, icons disappear frequently. Also, newly-purchased applications often do not show up on the iPhone, even though they are check-marked for sync in iTunes. I think Apple has a bug here with firmware version 2.2.
  • chadds Level 1 Level 1
    i am eperiencing the same type of problem, but only with 1 app so far: i have downloaded the free app, aero guitar. i see it in my itunes app folder, and i sync to my phone. it shows up in the app tap on my phone, BUT not on my phone!! ***??!!
  • knitterdesigner Level 1 Level 1
    I have had exactly the same thing happen. I have 9 pages of applications icons but have installed two items in past two days and the icons are not showing up. Like rest of you, the apps are listed on I tunes and marked to be synced. This is very frustrating as I wanted to test a couple of free games before purchasing and now can't get to icon for them to work

    Has anyone had any luck. I do have the 2.2 update installed and have the original I phone, not the 3 g
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    9 Home pages is the limit at the present time. Sounds like when the Home page limit has been exceeded, installing additional apps is not prevented or there isn't any warning.

    Try removing some of the apps to be within 9 complete Home pages only to see if this resolves it.
  • knitterdesigner Level 1 Level 1
    Thank you. After I wrote my note, I called a friend with same set up as me. And together we figured it out. But if we had not done that, you would have saved me for sure. So now I am learning to go in and pick only certain apps to be synched at the time. Thanks for your help and now the ones show up that I wanted to try. I will just have to remember to add ones back in if I want to use like for travel out of country since I had a translator installed

    I wonder if they will let us more pages someday, or maybe I should avoid temptation and quite buying more apps or getting those free ones.

    Thanks again