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i have a iPhone 3G 16GB

i've bought and downloaded applications from the App Store. while downloading and installing the application the grey icon (with progress indication) does appear. once installing is finished no icon to launch it appears. in the App Store it indicates aswell that the application has been installed (cant buy and download it again).

then i have uninstalled the applications by syncronizing with iTunes and choosing the option to remove these installed applications. the apps seemed to be removed because i could download and install them again from my iPhone but with no success (no icon appeared). i have also tried to download the apps with the iTunes Store on the computer and sync then with the iPhone, which also seemed to install the apps on the iPhone but without icons.
i have tried to install the apps after rebooting and even after restoring the iPhone.. but without success.

i feel like i have tried everything but it just doest work.
do you have an idea what i could do to make these apps work?

IBM Thinkpad T60p, Windows Vista