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I'm trying to speed up my boot time.
I know that part of the delay is caused by my start up programs. However I am timing the different stages and find that it takes:
3 seconds to get to a grey screen
20 seconds to get to the grey apple
49 seconds to get to the blue screen
From there I assume things are affected by my specific installation / application.

This seems slow to me and I am wondering what might be affecting this stage of the boot process.

I have noticed one thing that seems odd to me. When I use Option+power to choose my boot device I always see my MBP drive, and any attached boot devices, +PLUS a windows option.+

I did at one time play around with ReEFIt as a boot loader and BootCamp, but since have switched to using VMWare. I have un-installed ReEFIt and disabled BootCamp, I thougt. But this Windows option remains. Disk manager shows only one large partition on my boot drive.
Does anyone have any idea how to remove the windows information from my computers list of boot devices.
Does anyone think this might be slowing down the start up process?
Is my start up process even slower than usual to begin with? (It seems like my PowerBook G4 is faster starting with leopard.)

macbookpro 2.2, Mac OS X (10.5.5), 4 gig RAM
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    for rEFIt removal http://refit.sourceforge.net/doc/c1s3_remove.html

    It might be slowing doen your start up process, but more likely it might be your external HDs.
    Dis you reset your Default Startup Volume (from the System Preferences) after removal of Windows ?


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    My default startup preference pane shows only the Leopard Disk and search for network disk as the two options. The internal Leopard disk is the default.

    I'll double check that reEFIt was un-installed.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    reEFIt has been un-installed completely.

    Can someone remind me how bootcamp works? Is it a prefpane that creates a separate partition?

    I just can figure out what the machine is looking at when I press Option+Power to make it think there is a windows partition available?

    Any Ideas?