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I am thinking of purchasing a iPhone. I have read a lot of reviews about iPhone. In one of the reviews, the critic mentioned that the 16 GB space in the iPhone is useless because we cannot transfer videos from our PC to the iPhone. The PC does not recognize the the iPhone. Is it true? Suppose I have some movies in my PC, then can I transfer them to the iPhone so that I can view them later from the iPhone?
Please tell me in detail.
Your help will be highly appreciated.


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    You can sync video that is in a format that iphone recognizes from itunes. You can learn more from the manual. You can also convert video for viewing on iphone with 3rd party Apps.

    "You can get music, video, and more onto iPhone by syncing content from iTunes. You
    can sync all of your media, or you can select specific songs, videos, and podcasts."

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    I have 16 hours worth of video, 776 songs, 9 podcasts, 28 applications synced and still have 2 Gb of free space.

    The iphone only accepts mpeg 4 video of certain specs. Some stuff iTunes will do the conversion, for others you have to use a third party converter(handbrake, mpeg streamclip)
    You have to use iTunes to sync/manage the media on the iPhone-it does not have disk mode(some apps in the app store allow drag and drop for files).