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Okay so I want to make a Concatenated Disk Set out of 2 of my 4 hd's in my Mac Pro.
Here is my set up:
1 - 250g hd for my OS
1 - 500g hd which has TONS of stuff on it.
1 - 750g hd is totally blank.
1 - 1.5 TB hd for Backing up all the above.

So. I want to put the 500 and the 750 together into a Concatenated Disk Set. The mac disk utility makes this SUPER easy. I just drag and drop them into the same pile and BAM! one big 1.25TB disk for all my crap.
The catch?
Will it erase my stuff currently on the other disk? It's backed up but... I want to avoid it anyway.
Anyone know?

2.66 Mac Pro 6gigs RAM ATI and 7300 cards; Powerbook G4 17in, iPod touch 32gig, Mac OS X (10.5.5)