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Steve Swann Level 1 Level 1
My IPOD was stolen. Is their anyway to track if someone attempts to regsiter the serial number???
  • Rj in WI Level 6 Level 6
    I've heard that if you report it to apple and it's sent in for repair, they can identify it that way.

    You may want to review the following:http://www.macobserver.com/article/2005/02/18.7.shtml

    "As "I understand it, all iPods have a unique serial number. Certainly Apple captures that serial number when the iPod is registered. If Apple has a record of serial numbvers, then you should be able to report your iPod stolen, and then have Apple track it down, through iTunes. I know iTunes probably doesn't do this now, but it could check for an iPod being stolen whenever it is plugged into the computer, and connected to iTunes and the web. Then Apple could pas along the registered user information for the computer that is using the stolen iPod, to the police, for a quick recovery." "



    Good luck!