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I just bought a new MacBook and would like to sync it to my iMac (Intel). That is, every time I add a song to iTunes, create a new document, add photos to iPhoto, etc. I would like the files to be on both computers. This would seem to be something that many users would want to do, so I assume there is a simple way. Thanks for the help.

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I do this every day - that is, sync two computers to keep most (user) files on it identical.

1. With Firewire, it is easy and fast. You can use Target Disk Mode to connect the two computers and then use a shareware utility called FileSynchronization to sync selected folders.

2. Given that the Macbook doesn't have Firewire, this process becomes more tiresome and longer. Use an external USB drive as a go-between. That is, copy from iMac -> USB drive -> Macbook and vice versa. Again, use FileSynchronization or some such software to only copy files that have been updated.

For me, since I sync twice a day, the lack of Firewire seems really really problematic because of all these added steps. This is the only reason I haven't bought a Macbook yet when I had intended to purchase it the day it came out. I am still hanging on to the 12"Powerbook.

There are other utilitites besides FileSynchronization that can help keep files synced. I understand that the latest version of FileSynchronization allows wireless synch, although the process is pretty slow.

Note that to keep Mail synced it is best to use IMAP, if feasible.

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