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Having quite a bit of CD collection and got used to manage the music by albums.
Previously I created playlist folders (and sub folders) to sort playlists into different categories. Each playlist is a single CD. While using sync, everything was fine.
But one day I lost the library record because some maloperation. Ever since then I start to manage the library manually. Later I found that when operating directly on ipod, I can not create folders. Creating playlists is OK but not folders. The file-> add folder to library command adds folders only to the local library.
And I think if I sync again, even if I choose to sync selected folders/playlists only, the other music will be deleted. Is it the case? Confirmation needed.
And is it possible to add folders to the ipod library (NOT local library)? If not, is it possible for apple to provide this function in later itunes release?

Wintel, Windows Vista