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dukeblue17 Level 1 Level 1
I just purchased an iPhone 3g and it was activated in the store but it had to be charged for a few minutes first (because it was dead). When I got home, I charged it and noticed that the sleep/wake (lock) button doesn't work. It turns on when I press the home button but not the sleep/wake button. I tried the soft reset (Home + Sleep/Wake) but when its not on a power outlet, it just keeps resetting itself until you plug it into an outlet. So I completely erased the phone and restored it. The problem remains.

Does anyone know how to fix this without going to the Apple store, or is that my only option? (It's very far from my house)



iPhone 3g, Macbook Air, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
  • Randy Fast Level 4 Level 4
    If the button does not physically work then it is broken, no software will fix it. But you said you were able to reset it, so it seems to be functioning at some level. When you have the phone on and push it does the phone go to sleep?

    Your only options are going to an Apple store for replacement or calling the support number for replacement.
  • dukeblue17 Level 1 Level 1
    No it doesn't go to sleep at all. It doesn't even power off. But the weird thing is that when I do the soft reset plugged into a power source, it starts up normally and then the "slide to power off" thing comes up...so it seems like it lags or something.

    I guess I'll get it replaced from the store--there's no point in fixing something that I just got. Ugh I just wish the store wasn't so far away lol

    Thanks a lot anyways,