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I was prompted by a message (don't remember the exact verbage) in iTunes to restore my iPod. It appeared to download and install an iPod update. Then when iTunes restarted, the iPod was no longer recognized by iTunes. The iPod still charges and iTunes still starts when it is plugged in but no devices are listed.

A connectivity test shows: iPod service is running, iTunes Helper is running, Apple Mobile Device is running. USB ports verified, FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports verified, iPod found. All tests passed.

The iPod is still visible in Windows but when I attempt to navigate into H:\iPod_Control\iTunes or H:\iPod_Control\Music I get the message: "(directory) is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupt and unreadable."

I have done the first 4 of the 5 R's; obviously not able to restore presently as the iPod is not recognized. I tried manually setting to disk mode- no luck. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes as well.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Hi. I had the exact same problem that you identified. I came across a tip somewhere to delete the contents of the pictures folder. When that didn't work for me I figured I'd go for broke and format the darn thing. From windows explorer I right clicked on the ipod volume (for me it was J: drive) and format. After I unplugged and replugged the usb cord, iTunes recognized the ipod again.

    Hope that helps.
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    why don't you try to make a backup of your ipod songs to your pc and then use a manager to have your iPod detected and to add songs and playlists to it.