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I clicked the "yes" button by mistake when it asked if I wanted to download the iTunes update and now the sound and playback is scratchy and jumpy. It basicly sounds like it is in slo-mo.

It even affected the sound on the rest of my laptop i.e. the Windows start up jingle.

So far I have reinstalled my sound drivers which seems to have fixed my Windows sound problems but iTunes is still broken.

What I want is to install the previous version of iTunes but I don't know if that is possible because I have had this problem before where I had to install iTunes again which I can't do this time as I have already authorised iTunes on 4 computers.

Acer Aspire 1640z, Windows XP
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    You can reset your iTunes Authorized computer amount once a year once you reach 5 total computers. Once this is reset it can not be done for another year.

    You can access this by click on Store - In the top iTunes Menu Bar - Click on View My account - If you do not see that you need to sign in, then go back and click on view my account.

    Once you can see account there will be a button called De-authorize all. Again once this occurs it can not be done again for a year.
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    Do you know how I would download the previous version of iTunes?
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    There are websites out there that archive older versions of iTunes. But typically you can get newer versions of iTunes to work with maintenance and cleanup.

    Link below has info on how to fully remove our Software and Reinstall it. Which you may need to do anyways even if you go to install an older version.

    You can google search for something like "Download older version of iTunes" "Archived version of iTunes for Windows" things along those lines

    Trouble installing iTunes or QuickTime for Windows
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    Well here I go!! Thanks for all your help.

    Hopefully I won't be back haha!
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    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!

    The sound and video will not sync when I try and watch a tv program. It will start off OK then slow down and then the sound will be 5 seconds behind the video.

    I did not have this problem before I got the recent itunes update and I can't seem to find anywhere to download the previous version.
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    Update //

    I uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes all over again and now there is no sound.

    Please see my other thread for my solution to this.
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    Update 2 //

    I can play the TV shows and movies that I bought from iTunes if I open & run Quicktime separately from iTunes but the sound is still 10 seconds behind the visuals.

    I also can't watch any trailers in the iTunes store - it just comes up as a black screen but the timer says it is running:S

    There is still no sound if I try and play any programmes through iTunes.(music is fine)
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    I am having the same problem - when I play back music on my computer, it sounds like an old record player that is skipping, with static. Great! I am going to try to uninstall and reinstall iTunes.
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    I'm not sure if this is a universal solution, but what I outline below helped me solve a problem that has been plaguing me since version 7 of Itunes.

    What I've done is turn off disc indexing on the drive where I store my iTunes library, and my playback problems have just gone away!

    The problems I've been having appear to be very similar to the playback issues described for audio in this thread i.e. scratchy audio like old vinyl, sound popping.

    In addition the affect would sometimes be so bad that at times iTunes would stop playing completely, and I would have to exit iTunes to get the sound back. This was usually associated with the speaker icon showing as per usual beside the song that should be playing, but no progress being made in the time bar. This has also been described in other threads.

    These issues would occur if I downloaded any file from the Itunes store whilst I was playing something. I would also hear problems during CD Copying, or when I was updating tracks with new artwork. It could even happen on the odd occasion for no apparent reason at all; iTunes would just stop playing music.

    I tried literally everything to sort this out. All of the different actions outlined in other threads, but nothing worked, however, I had some time on my hands over the Christmas period and managed to find something that appears to have solved my problems.

    Like many people I guess I store my library on an external drive attached to my PC. I suspect that many of these drives are USB, mine is an eSATA, but I don't think the type of connection is relevant. How your drive is setup is the issue, but the speed of connection might be a contributing factor. If you store your music data on a fast internal drive the indexing service might not be an issue, or at least not so much of a problem.

    I don't know much about the Fast Indexing process, but logically I guess it's just a way of speeding up the searching of files, and obviously the indexing service has to read files during creation, or change, to update the index. I assume this interferes for some reason with the reading and writing of files done by iTunes.

    You can access the fast indexing option by following these steps.

    - Open the Start Menu
    - Move to My Computer and right click on it.
    - Select the option Manage from the menu that pops up.
    - A dialogue box will open. Find the section labelled Storage in the left panel, and expand it by clicking the + symbol beside it if the sub menu isn't already open.
    - Find the option called Disc Management and select it.
    - In the right hand panel a list of all of the drives on your system will be displayed. Select the one where you store your iTunes music files and right click it. From the menu that appears select Properties.
    - This will open another dialogue box with a nice coloured diagram describing disc usage on the General Tab, which is the one you want.
    At the bottom of this tab of the dialogue box is an option for the fast indexing service. It will be titled:
    "Allowing Indexing Service to index this disc for fast file searching".
    - Uncheck the box just to the left of it.
    - Click the OK button or the Apply button.
    - A new dialogue box will now open which will ask if the change should be applied just to the drive, or the files and sub-folders. Choose to apply the change to the drive. DO NOT check the files and sub-folders option. It causes the system to run through all of the files on your drive - which in my case was 35,000+. It will take a long time and lock the computer whilst it does it. You don't have to do this.
    - Once the update is complete close down the Computer Management Dialogue box.
    - Now you should be able to enjoy playback as it should be.

    Some words of warning. Playing around with the drive where you store your iTunes data is not without risk. I had a system crash during the update of my drive to remove the disc indexing. Nothing really bad happened, but on reboot Windows insisted on repairing my Music drive due to errors. This took about 5-10 mins. All of the errors were fixed, but it was a worrying time. I'm quite lucky though I have a disc image back up of my Music drive so I could have restored things if it was needed, others might not be so lucky. If you can back up your music drive before making the above change I'd recommend doing so. Backing up your iTunes library would probably be a good idea too.

    Hope this solves similar problems for others..