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I have an iPod touch and an iPhone and I've always had a situation where they've synced more than they should, but it's starting to get silly.

Up until a week or so ago, I'd sync the touch and 20-30 songs would get copied onto it. They're already there but they'd copy again. Annoying, but not the end of the world.

Earlier this week, this number increased to about 70 songs. Odd.

Now I sync the touch and about 150 songs are being copied to it.

I can sync it, remove it from the dock, connect it straight back and they all get synced again. This is obviously somewhat time consuming and frustrating.

Exactly the same happens with my iPhone.

I'm set to automatically sync when device is connected and sync only checked songs and videos.

In the Music tab, I have Sync Music checked along with Selected playlists and under that I have Audiobooks, Purchased and a specific playlist that I put all the music that I want on the devices in. All songs are checked within the main music display.

I went to the extent of removing everything and putting it all back on which took about an hour and a half on the touch (so I still call BS to the guy who says he can completely sync a touch in 20 minutes) but it's doing exactly the same.

Really, it shouldn't be resyncing any stuff that's already on the device. I can understand perhaps it would do it if play counts have changed but to have it happen just if the device is disconnected and reconnected seems a bit silly.

This is with iTunes 8.0.2 on OS X 10.5.5, all fully patched.

iPod touch 1st gen and iPhone 3G.

I've tried deleting my iTunes library xml file but it's made no difference, in fact after doing that, iTunes is now currently recopying nearly 400 songs that are already on my iPhone!

Any ideas?

Mac Pro (Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.5.5)