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I finally did the dreaded feat and performed an update - had all kinds of problems afterwards (repeating Network settings message error, unknown error -3256 error, etc.) that I have (I think) successfully fixed thanks to these fabulous forums. After getting the -3256 error I updated the firmware and software for my AE and applied the Apple support fix for -3256. Then I started getting a new issue - being the following message after opening my new i-tunes version 8.0.2 "your computer's system firewall settings will prevent you from using Airtunes". After going into the firewall settings and trying to modify the port number (which I found suggested here) that i-tunes would use to stream to my airport express in the edit pane for 'i-tunes music sharing'. I ended up creating a new port specification, which I called i-tunes 1 with ports 5000 - 6000 specified. Tried opening i-tunes again - but no luck, same error. Thinking that I'd done nothing to improve the situation, I deleted my new port specification in the allow pane under firewall - I noticed that the original spec was gone (because I had edited it?). Anyway, as soon as I deleted the spec that I had edited, airtunes started working beautifully! To check things - I closed i-tunes and re-started, then, got the same message ""your computer's system firewall settings will prevent you from using Airtunes" with the option to check my firewall settings - which I did. This time, I noticed that 'i-tunes music streaming' was again listed as an option under allow in my firewall. I selected and deleted it - then again, my Airtunes works perfectly.

I really have no idea what exactly occurs 'behind the scenes' so to speak when you delete this from the list - but - it seems to have fixed my problem. I'm guessing that I'll have to do that each time I open i-tunes. At least I got my airtunes back. I guess I'm a little worried that deleting this item presents some sort of risk or could lead to another problem and so if anyone can comment on this I would really appreciate it. Alternatively, if anyone has a solution that won't require me deleting this item each time I open i-tunes, I'd be glad to hear it.



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