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I have an error that I need to update my credit card information on my Itunes account, whenever I try to order a movie from my Apple TV?? I did have a card that expired and had to update the info on my account. I did that and have NO PROBLEMS when I buy things from my computer, through Itunes. Does the Apple tv cache my profile somewhere that it doesn't look at my account online?? Any help on this would be appreciated.

I think this may also be why my Apple TV doesn't sync some of my content from my computer. It states that this computer isn't authorized.

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    I am having the same problem. I have tried twice to update my card information on the iTunes sotre and have downloaded iTunes content using the updated card. I still can't get my Apple TV box to allow me to rent movies.

    I understand that there is a netflix box that has a similar capability. I may switch over, since the Apple TV is essentially dead.
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    Sounds like you may have two accounts. We had this once ... it's pretty easy to do. Maybe not but I'd check this.
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    Maybe you have solved this now. I Just had a similar problem. My Credit card has expired on the account, but I have not changed it as I use Itunes tokens so I have a £100 balance on my account. Suddenly the Apple TV did not allow me to rent a movie even though purchases via the Iphone and Itunes worked.

    I fixed it in the end by doing a hard reset ( Up plugging the box, leaving it for 30 seconds and re-plugging it). It worked straight away so I am off to watch Hancock. Hope hope this helps other people

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    I see some other folks are experiencing the AppleTV error message "Your Credit Card Has Expired" problem, but has anybody found a solution?

    I too can order anything from the iTune store, even movies from my computer, but I cannot rent or purchase a movie through my AppleTV.

    Here's a mystery, from my computer I have successfully rented a movie, downloaded it, transferred it to my AppleTV from my computer, and then played it on my AppleTV.

    I have tried different credit cards just to eliminate that possibility, but to no avail. This feels like there is an intermediate server or data base that is not synced properly but then again why are so few folks effected by this anomaly?

    My initial contact with the Apple's 'online' trouble shooting started out promising, then dissolved to "beating around the bush", then descended into the "flogging a dead horse" stage with still no solution.

    I am about to escalate to the next level of support, but if anybody has a suggestion to solve this problem, please feel free to jump in. Thanks. . .

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    Same problem here. Last downloaded a movie in December 08. No problem. Now it tells me my (same) card has expired. I've updated it both in the iTunes store (I can download/purchase from there, no problem) and over at MobileMe. I've upplugged AppleTV and plugged it back in again. All to no avail.
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    Well, I figured out my problem. Somehow, I've wound up with two iTunes accounts, one with just my name and one with "@mac.com" added to the name. Once I figured this out (after changing credit card numbers and passwords and buying a song to make sure the former was working), Apple TV was back in business.
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    have you guys tried just logging out and back into your account on the appleTV or as the other poster has found out he actually has two account... making sure that the appleTV is logged into a valid account.