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hi -

so, i had my Ti book on a shelf for a while - i've been using my macbook pro instead...

i plugged in the Ti and tried booting it and got nothing. no sound, no nothing.

i checked the power cord w/ a voltmeter and it seems to work fine.

should i just wait to let current flow into it more?
does the Ti need the internal battery to work to boot? maybe that battery is dead...

any other ideas?

many thanks in advance! cheers

p.s. i accidentally also posted the question here... (sorry)

MBP 17/2GB/7200/matte, dualG51.8, G4 450, TiBook, some G3s, & a Quadra!, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    The Mac powerbooks (not iBooks) have an internal rechargeable backup battery. These 'books do not require a working "PRAM" battery to run as do desktop machines. When stored, two things can happen: The power manager becomes corrupted as the batteries run flat or the PRAM battery can fail with an internal short...this will prevent the 'book from starting.

    First, reset the power manager and see if it will start:

    If no success, disconnect the power adapter, remove the main battery, then press the power manager reset button for 15 seconds. Now connect just the power adapter and try starting.