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I saw a similar thing done in a recent Jobsian Keynote, so hopefully this is possible in the '08 suite.

I want to be able to have my charts (3D Line chart in this case) build in and then pause, and then continue to build in. Maybe specifics will make this easier to understand. I have 4 different data sets that all agree until 1998. So I want all four of them to build up until that date. Then I want to have each individual line to finish building (on my click) up until the present. That way I can show how the three data sets all trend down over the last decade, and the fourth all of a sudden trends up.

So is there any way to have my 3D lines pause in the middle of their build, and then continue when I tell them to?

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    The easiest way may be to create two graphs for the data, identically sized and labeled, so that they can invisibly overlay each other. Chart the pre-1998 data on the first graph, and set its build so that all the lines build in together. Chart the later data on the second graph, setting it to build in each line separately. This should give you the effect you want.