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Okay I've had my Ipod nano for like 3 weeks. I've used it once. It worked fine when I first got it and after my battery ran out I haven't used it for about a week. When I got it back I hooked it up to my computer and updated the stuff on it as well as let it charge. After is says to safely disconnect, I disconnect it but it automatically turns off and won't turn back on. I've tried resetting it and nothing works. I thought the battery was dead but I've left it plugged in (not only USB on my computer but also tried an outlet) and it never completely charged. I've even left it plugged in overnight (well over the 4 hours it's supposed to charge). I have no idea what to do (It also took like at least a full day to completely charge the first time I've had it)
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    Are you using only the cables and accessories that came with it?

    If you are using some older accessories to charge, the won't work.

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    Tuesday, December 02, 2008 7:23:56 PM
    Okay my iPod wouldn't turn on . (Guess I will be throwing out the box to ship my ipod for warranty replacement)

    at like 11pm dec 1 2008, the ipod was dead, pressing the power button did nothing.
    I thought it was a goner... I even ordered a warranty replacement..
    ipod wouldnt turn on . left it for 24 hours. when I got home from school the next day

    it tried to sync but my playlist did not exist..it even showed the folder in windows

    After trying various USB ports and seeing an Apple Icon, and "connect to power low battery"
    I even requested a warranty replacement... and apparently you throw out the box they send to cancel. I wish I could be courteous and let them know

    So in short
    ==IPOD Won't Power on when you press the power button==

    you will probably scratch or damage the beautiful iPod .. when it will be perfectly fine 24 hours later...)

    RESET, and plug in to itunes and restore..


    Official Apple Documentation:

    I guess my actual story will make you believe that THIS SOLUTION actually works.
    "Let the iPod battery drain

    In rare cases, iPod might get into a state in which it needs to be drained completely before it can be reset. If iPod didn't turn on after you reset it, follow these steps:

    1. Disconnect iPod from all power sources and leave it disconnected for about 24 hours.
    2. Reconnect iPod to the Apple iPod Power Adapter or computer and reset it.

    I even tried the iPod on 2 computers and it was sort of detecting the serial # in Windows
    but mostly freezing up windows.

    4. " Let iPod's battery drain"
    Was the solution for my iPod 3rd generation.
    So now that the problem was fixed, I guess iPod is so terrible after all

    Just don't drop your iPod get it a nice case

    it took from 9pm December 2,2008 to about Dcember 2,2008 6:45pm
    roughly 20 hours.. so this morning when I left I pressed the button and it wouldn't turn on
    I thought maybe the battery was knocked loose but the battery was just so low or something

    To prevent this problem I guess whenever you ipod is low battery, charge it before it gets dangerously low

    As sad as it is to wait like 24 hours without your iPod just to pray that the problem is the battery or something and then it will power on..

    When it actually does power on you would see the apple Icon

    == When it was all said and done==
    I didn't really need to use "restore" option, i think itunes resynced what it needed.
    And thanks to this I upgraded to Itunes 8 .. which I was too lazy to do before

    If you bought it less than a year ago... Warranty..

    Enter your Serial# and country and it will be located at the back of your iPod under where it says 8GB or whatever (at least for iPod Nano 3rd generation)

    I always like posting solutions, so that someone like me can benefit from it.
    It is my understanding that if you do send in your iPod they don't care about the USB cord or headphones that came with it, so you just ship the iPod itself

    see here for some frequently asked questions.
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    so right now your power button might not work and you might thing the battery is loose or something... is that correct?
    I thought that for my problem.. but I left it DISCONNECTED for 24 hours. and roughly 24 hours .. after a long day where I played music out loud on my laptop coz my iPod was "dead".. my iPod is back.

    if it still under warranty you could maybe get a repair free..*see previous post*
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    I am having similar problem, i-pod works fine when plugged into computer or docking station, will not power on when not connected, any help would be appreciated, i have reset multiple times, updated software, etc.
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    ye again
    1/22/2009 3:19:11 PM EST it died. Maybe it was because of the cold
    unforunately this time i didnt get a good look at the battery life before it shut off.. Well actually I shut it off myself.
    I didn't even got a low battery warning
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    1/22/2009 9:50:53 PM EST
    9 hours later. ipod shows an apple icon and back in business. the battery was low or so it seemed... so is charging
    maybe I should update firmware? ..nope no firewarm available 1.1.3 is the latest..

    Strategy to avoid iPod battery dying problem:
    (some from here..)
    -Charge Battery every date
    -Set volume lower
    -set brightness to 20% (a bit lame..)
    -put on standby mode when you don't need to scroll
    -set equalizer to OFF.

    ---SIDE NOTE--
    it would be nice if iPod software had a mode to say.. fast forward 30 seconds when i press the "RIGHT" key instead of move to the next song.. if its in that mode..

    for example with huge MP3s .. with songs all in one file...as popular with radio shows...

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    I'd try it again to power it on.. after waiting 24 hours with it upluged once u plug it in it should charge

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