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So I just got the 32GB iPod Touch today. 2nd Gen of course.
Already had iTunes in my PC before this. So as how it should go, I plugged the iTouch in, it started to sync my music. Okay so that was normal. Then it asked to update it's firmware to 2.2. And I said yes.
After updating it asked to install, but my songs were still syncing with the iTouch. I said yes to install the updates anyway. It started installing and suddenly my iTunes just crashed, saying some error and it couldn't install the latest firmware. Ever since then iTunes won't/can't detect my iTouch anymore but Windows can.
The driver installed is 'Apple Recovery (iBoot) USB Driver', is that the right one? That's about as far as it goes now. And when I turn on the iTouch it just shows that picture of the USB and an arrow to connect to iTunes.
Annoying enough, I've tried every single solution I could find on this forum. Even with the usbaapl.sys copy paste into inf folder, still doesn't work. Countless times reinstalling iTunes still doesn't work, reset the iTouch, still no hope. So if someone would please? I understand I'm not the only one going through this. I'm on a 64bit Vista, and YES I have iTunes 64bit version installed. I'm thinking if I should go to the Apple Shop to ask for help but I doubt they'd be of any service/knowledge of this. Really really frustrating. Please help, someone!?

Windows Vista, x64
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    Joshes wrote:
    I'm thinking if I should go to the Apple Shop to ask for help but I doubt they'd be of any service/knowledge of this.



    Why not? Apple staff their retail stores with 'Geniuses' for exactly this reason - all part of the Apple experience. You can reserve a booking online first:


    Alternatively have you tried working through some of the kbase articles. I would suggest that you totally remove all Apple software components and then re-install:


    Given that your issue followed a firmware update you may well need to Restore the iPod too:


    Let us know how you get on.



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    ok i figured it out.. not what was wrong but what to do.. you have to restore your system without having the iPod connect of course.. then uninstall itunes and quicktime then delete every trace of them from your computer. (once you reinstall iTunes you will get back everything you had) then once you restart your computer reinstall itunes and restart your computer again. now plug ur iPod Touch in the computer and it will work then.

    same thing happened to mine.. it took a while to figure it out but i got it...
    you have to uninstall them then delete it from program files... now it works perfectly.. oh you have to restore without backing up files when u open the touch in i tunes
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    Hey, thanks for your help. Yup I kinda did exactly those steps before I even posted on the forum here.
    I don't know what exactly the problem was but here's what '*I think*' went wrong. Probably the stupidest mistake ever.
    So before 8.0.2 version for the iTunes was out, I had set my iTunes compatibility for Windows XP because it wouldn't display anything but a black window when I ran it (iTunes). Probably has something to do with my SLi being enabled, yeah I do have two video cards. So what I did was I switched that off, that compatibility for Windows XP. And hey, iTunes detected my iPod. It probably was because of that, if not might have been something else. BUT, pretty stupid eh?
    Thanks to everyone anyways, who helped. My iPod Touch works just fine now!
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    So I've done the whole uninstalling itunes/quicktime and their files, reinstalling the 64bitVista version and I still can't get itunes to recognize my iPT.
    The computer recognizes the touch as a camera...and I've tried the steps in the thread 'Ipod touch is recognized as a camera'...but I am not able to update the driver of 'Apple Ipod' in portable devices (how my touch is recognized): when I give it the folder where the driver is it says that it already has the correct driver, and when I manually tell it which driver to use (usbaapl64) it says that it is not compatible with the 64-bit version.
    Any suggestions?
    If you've gotten the iPT to be recognized by itunes on 64bit Vista, would you mind telling me what your computer detects the iPT as? And what drivers it's using for that purpose? (and where you got it...if it's not what comes with the itunes 64bit installer)
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    I'm still suffering from the same issue with my Vista 64 bit and a 3rd Gen Nano. If I force 'Have Disk' for the driver I just get:

    "The folder you specified doesn't contain a compatible software driver for your device. If the folder contains a driver, make sure it is designed to work with Windows for x64-based systems."

    Did anyone work out how to recover from this? I've tried the 5Rs, removing all the print software, removing other USB devices as well as freeing up lots of drive letters.