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I have to reset my iPod Touch just about every time I start my car as the audio signal does not pass into the Alpine iDA-x100 head unit. This happened the day I upgraded to 2.2. Now going back to 2.1 is as easy as getting the 2.1 software. Oh wait... that's right, not easy... as Apple deletes your older software when you update. Updates are suppose to be about fixing problems, if they create more, there should be an easy way of getting back. Am I way off base here?

2.4 GHz MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Thankfully there are people out there that post all the versions of the iPod software. I have been restored and things are working fine in Firmware 2.1 with a tiny thanks to Apple for having the option-restore feature. Otherwise a big Boooooooooooo to them for making this difficult.
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    Hi Heagan, had the same problem with my ida-x100 when upgraded to 2.2, when starting car, sound wouldn´t come although track was playing. This happened to me when i first installed the head unit. Had to erase the whole itouch, then resyncro, and everything was fine till upgraded to 2.2.

    Did the same thing, erased the whole itouch, resyncro, and now everything works as well or even better than before. i say better than before cose now since 2.2 the itouch reminds the track i was playing thru the headphones, before connecting to ida-x100, no need to find the artist and disc again.
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    Hi Bandido_Touch,
    I've got the same issue getting me crazy, been obliged to hardreboot my itouch ( to be recognised by the Alpine IDA-X100. Could you please elaborate on the procedure you're using i.e. what do you mean by "erase the whole itouch"?
    Any assistance would be much appreciated.
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    I've had the same problem since I upgraded to 2.2 and have resorted to a reboot of the iPod to get the audio back online. May have to try to reset and resync next.

    Another question regarding this hardware combination - Does anyone know if the IDa-X100 uses the "Sound Check" function on the iPod? I've normalized my songs and they maintain a constant volume when I play the iPod through speakers on my desk. Once I attach it to my IDa-X100, on the other hand, I constantly find myself adjusting the volume from one track to the next.

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    I have the iPhone 3G, not the touch, but they're pretty similar in user experience with this head unit so I'll share what I know.

    It doesn't seem to do sound check... as it's running through the dock connector but not via the iPod app on the touch/iPhone (which is disabled when connected), I assume it's pretty much reading the files directly or something to that effect, and as I recall sound checking is external to the MP3/AAC file formats.

    I've noticed as well a little bit of adjustment is required! Frankly I'm just glad my iPhone works at all... had to use the cable out of the box because for some reason the white USB cable causes a "USB DEVICE ERROR" and the KCE-422i full speed cable won't charge and displays no album art AND you have to unlock the phone (don't know if the Touch has the code-lock feature?) before it would play. If anyone is using that cable and it won't play at all, try unlocking it first and firing up the iPod app prior to connection.

    So using the USB cable, I've also experienced the silent-playback issue when the head unit is turned off and on again with the phone plugged in. Chances are you've turned your car off the night before with the touch/whatever still plugged in and playing, THAT is where it seems to go wrong in my experience, rather than in the morning! You do usually need to power-cycle the phone when it happens, so it figures the problem would be there in the morning. Solution is to just either rip out the iphone/touch first, or change the source on the head unit before turning the car/head unit off. Both seem to stop that happening.

    Sometimes just changing the source made it work again for me, as well, but once I did have to power the iphone off/on again.
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    I did exactly what you did but it didn't work for me. My Touch is one of the first 16GB available and didn't even come with the 2.0 software. Could be a hardware issue. I did notice they posted a new update so I am going to try it. I still have the 2.1 if I need to fall back.

    My eternal hope is they fix the song order problem I have and the only reason I even try the updates. If I have only one album by an artist the songs stay in alphabetical order. If I have more than one album by an artist they are in the correct order. They appear in the correct order on the touch, they appear in the wrong order from the Alpine unit. Very weird and it only seems to happen on the touch, possibly the just older ones. I haven't plugged in a newer touch yet to see if that is still the case. I am using the USB cable that came with the unit. I have thought about using the iPod direct cable, but don't want to spend $30 to find out it does the same thing.

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    Just upgraded to 2.2.1 on the Touch and no problems so far. Apple/Alpine didn't fix the album order problem when you only have one artist though.
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    WAIT! Stop the presses! The problem still occurs. About every 3 startup with my car my Touch goes silent. I know it is a software issue because it didn't do that with Firmware 2.1.

    2.2.1 is another worthless upgrade for me as it didn't fix the song order issue either. I am glad my Mac doesn't have as many bugs as the iPod Touch. I might just get rid of the touch all together and get a regular iPod for the car. What a beating and Apple obviously doesn't listen to the 3 support tickets I have sent on this subject. I have even contacted alpine on the matter and they said they are at the mercy of Apple to fix the issue.

    In the meantime it is back to version 2.1 for me.