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I recently had a problem with a MacBook Pro 1.83GHz. The screen stopped working but the rest of the laptop and external screen worked ok.

I replaced the LCD inverter to no avail.

Upon further investigation I see that a component is burnt out on the logic board. Please see the following photo.


I am wondering if this can be fixed by replacing the logic board component?
Does anyone know what this component is please?

The number underneath the component is L9450.

The cost of a new/pulled logic board is prohibitive and if it is possible I would like to repair this one.

I am very disapponted at spending so much on a laptop and in less than three years it is apparently worthless and has caused me great inconvenience. I wonder what the benefit is of spending so much money on a MacBook Pro is compared to a cheap laptop PC.

Your help in identifying the damaged part and finding a replacement is much appreciated.

Many thanks,

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    Assuming the PCB itself isn't damaged, it may work to replace that part. It looks like it is an inductor in the LVPS (low voltage power supply) but the value will be impossible to determine if the part is burned up. If you could find a working version of the same board you could possibly determine the part's value without removing it from the PCB, but that is not guaranteed. You could also take a chance that it is just a series choke meant to be act as a filter and you could try replacing it with a wire jumper. But I can't totally endorse that solution as it might also cause damage to another part of the board if it isn't a simple choke. A schematic would be nice but I don't know where you can get one.

    Probably replacing the inverter was also required. A bad inverter is likely what caused that part to burn out in the first place. Good luck with it.