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I was in my lecture when my MacBook (13-inch Early 2008) started an automatic update. Halfway through my battery died and I thought nothing of it. Upon coming back to my apartment I plugged the computer into the power-adapter and it starts up normally before freezing on a blue screen. The load circle at the bottom center continues to site frozen and multiple attempts to restart the computer with just the battery, just the adapter and vise versa only gets me the same results.
I'm very nervous since my final paper is due tomorrow and trapped on the Macbook's harddrive!
Can anyone help?

MacBook, (13-inch Early 2008)
  • Gregory Mcintire Level 4 Level 4
    Boot from your instal DVD and run Disk Utility from its menu bar. Then run Repair Disk to repair your hard drive.

    If that doesn't work you may need to Archive and Install a new OS onto your HD from the install DVDs. This should you existing data in tact, but no guarantees considering what happened in the first place.

    Many will not agree with this but my personal opinion is that automatic updates are a real bad idea. You have just discovered one reason. they may update on a low battery or any other number of inopportune situations.

    Then last but not least, in fact most important of all, you should have a second hard drive that you routinely backup your internal drive onto. The reason to do so should now be very obvious.