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Hi there,
I work for a company that relies heavily on MS Outlook for day-to-day operations, including the Calendar for all meetings and events. Lately I've been having the issue of receiving multiple meeting responses from certain i-phone using employees to the same meeting(s) over and over...

i.e. "John Smith" replied on November 2nd that he would be attending a meeting on November 4. Over a month later, I am still getting outlook responses that say "John Smith accepts [the meeting on Nov 4]". And it's not just occasional or scheduled-- I get them randomly about 50 times a day per 3 users (currently). Additionally, the inbox-clogging employees in question don't have a record of these being sent-- they don't show up in any sent folder or appear in their cache. It also doesn't matter if the meeting in question is still on the master calendar or the employee's calendar, it will send them anyway.

Can you help me help them stop sending me thousands of responses?
  • squashedrex Level 1 (0 points)
    We are experiencing the exact same problem. Nobody here wants to believe it is the iPhones causing the problem but the evidence is too great. Each new person that receives one, very shortly after the problem appears.

    Hopefully someone can help us but 3 months and no answer. Looks like the N95 and 5800 will be replacing them.

    FYI we are running Exchange 2003 SP2.
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    We are seeing this also. Running Exchange 2003 with SP3. iPhone 3G is at 2.20 firmware.

    I'm positive it is the iPhone sending out the multiple meeting responses (30-40 a day!), as I can match up each response email with iPhone activity from our Exchange front-end server IIS logs, e.g -
    3/03/2009 21:42:25 203.31.x.xx corp\xxxx POST /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/ 200 492 662 HTTP/1.1 Apple-iPhone/507.77

    In our situation light calendar users do not appear to have this problem (i.e - less then a dozen appointments / week). Problem occurs regularly but not always for those who use the calendar often.

    Will log a support issue with Apple but I've heard their Exchange support is a joke so not confident of a solution there.
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    btw doesn't appear this issue is just isolated to Exchange servers - f932c
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    Thanks for your reply Kirky. I also checked our IIS logs, although not every response, and the messages are from the iPhone.

    I can also confirm that it is mostly heavy calender users that are affected, although we have had one exception to this so far.

    If you have any luck sorting this out please keep us updated.
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    I've been having the same issue. I accepted a meeting and in the course of a week 76 messages were sent to the meeting organizer. Not sure what do to. If you find anything out let us know.
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    I can confirm we still have this issue with firmware 3.0.

    Only occurs on one iPhone so far (the bosses!) - but we only have 4 iPhone users testing at the moment (we don't see this issue with Windows Mobile and Nokia e71 Mail-for-Exchange mobile users).


    edit: 3000+ views, are there many others out there experiencing this annoying bug?

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    See this note:
    iPhone is case sensitive regarding SMTP email address.
    Make sure your SMTP email address exactly matches the address you enter in iPhone.
    Worked for me, and also allowed me to accept meetings in iPhone and then show up in Outlook.
    Dunno if 3.0.1 corrected (or started to ignore case sensitivity)

    We tested with an Exchange admin. I had setup a meeting "A" in Outlook that was then being accepted and causing multiple repeat invites/acceptances. We cancelled the meeting and then created a new meeting "B". Then we looked at the iPhone.

    Iphone had meeting A, and then did a push/sync and also had meeting B tentative. Meanwhile Outlook now had meeting A back again, only I was just an attendee, and no longer the meeting organizer and could not cancel it.
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    Good find there mate, dunno how we all missed that KB article!

    Will give it a go and report back.

  • rickgoody Level 1 (20 points)
    we are having this issue as well, even after upgrade to 3.0.1.

    Any further news on this

    We are running kerio mailserver latest and clients are MSO2008
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    I have the same issue with a mixed environment of Outlook 03/07 with Exchange 2007. The problem seems to be happening most with the calendars of users with delegates (of course all the Execs and their Admin).

    From what I can tell, there's still no real fix for this besides turning off the calendar synchronization, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a mobile device that syncs with Exchange. Has anyone else had any luck with a fix for this issue? I'm kind of at the end of my rope here, and the Execs are starting to get antsy.
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    I too have seen an issue with multiple responses for meeting requests. We performed some conference room testing and noticed that if the meeting was modified such as adding additional attendees, a meeting update notice would be sent to all attendees which they can then accept and an additional response would be sent to the meeting organizer. I also have to wonder if some of this issue could be caused by people delegating the meeting to someone else or even forwarding the message to a personal e-mail address which would then create a cascading issue with the meeting being updated. You also want to think if people have auto accept on meeting notices.
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    We also have been experiencing this issue. Would like to know if Apple has any plans to address.
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    We have been having this issue as well. It does not matter if the user is an Outlook or OWA client. Users span both Exchange 03/07 servers. This is only happening with iPhone users accounts. This also only happnens with invite calendar items. It should also be noted that it does not matter if the calendar event it created in Outlook / OWA or on the iPhone itself.

    I hope this is something that can be resolved quickly. We have been in contact with AT&T to discuss options on switching without penalty from the iPhones to WinMO or Blackberry devices that do not seem to have this issue without penalty.
  • Matt Wolanski Level 6 (10,255 points)
    I have a similar problem - when I accpet a meeting invite from the iPhone - the reponse goes out (or at least I think it does) but the invitation does not show up on my calendar.
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